“They farm, We eat , They sweat, We sleep, If They Die, So would We… Help them to grow the crops to feed the Nation!!!!”

This is a call to everyone who realises that our children should not see a world where hunger and poverty is faced by those who are responsible to feed us.

Parirakshan Organica is a non profit organisation that works in the hills of Uttarakhand with farmers in distress in order to make agriculture viable and sustainable again. The project site is Jardhar village near Chamba in Uttarakhand which is facing the same crisis as the rest of the country with water shortages, low crop yields and crop failure, insufficient infrastructure and finally distress migration. Most farmers are now leaving the village to become daily wagers.

Parirakshan Organica has taken up the challenge to keep farming alive in the aforesaid village and protect the interests of the farmers. This is envisaged by doing the following:

    · Engaging 34 farming families to pursue traditional agriculture with profits
    · Increase in net return to farmer from other allied activities
    · Connect these families directly to the market without any middlemen
    · The bigger idea is to bring dignity back to the occupation of farming and enable self sufficiency for the farmers.

Parirakshan Organica

We believe, to live a full and happy life, tie it nature and people, not just to self…. we call it a Holistic Living.

Now that 'Parirakshan Organica Farms' is our dwelling, we invite you as well to experience the healing powers of holistic living. You are welcome to spend time with nature, experience the local culture of Hills with us and contribute your bit in preserving it.

Living the Nature's way!

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Ongoing Activity

Parirakshan campaign is now live on MILAAP ,


This fund will help farmers over come the current situation and also get back to Agriculture. There is no amount impossible if everyone donates their bit. Help us to Help them.

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Celeb Speak For indian farmer condition

Historic Very Emotional Interview By Nana Patekar On Farmers Suicides ," says "मरते दम तक जिने की वजाह देदी है " हमारा हक़ नही बनता अच्छा खाना खाने का क्युकी इतनो को मुठी भर नहीं मिलता :(



* Why start helping, only when the suicides start? Everyone of us should help before such scenario becomes the reality. The farmers of Chamba are facing the same crisis. And we should act to prevent them from contemplating the worst.

-Arka Dutta


* It is sad to see how we are treating one of the most important person in our lives "Humare Kissan". I am thankful to Parirakshan Organica for doing this initiative. As a responsible corporate we are extending our support to this initiative for our Farmers. In my opinion this is the minimum we can do for them for what they are doing for all of us.



* I support farming... No farming, No food & No food, No life...



* Friends lets support our food growers.. they are selflessly growing food for everyone and today they need our support.